Class Prices

New Students: 1st week unlimited: $20

(Local residents only please)

Drop-in class: $16
Full-Time Students (with school ID): $12


Multiple Class Pass

  • 3 class pass $45
  • 5 class pass $70
  • 10 class pass $130
  • 20 Class pass $240

Unlimited Class Pass

  • 1 Month Unlimited $135
  • 3 Months Unlimited $385
  • 6 Months Unlimited $730

Private Lessons

  • $75/hr at the studio
  • Outside of the studio
    -Please call for a quote

  • Class pass cards may be shared by immediate family members.
  • Pass cards expire one year from date of purchase.


New Students

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin. Use this time to sit quietly, relax your mind, and set your intentions for practice.
  • REMOVE YOUR SHOES before entering. There is a space just outside the door to leave your shoes.
  • TURN OFF CELL PHONES and pagers – Please do not bring them into the practice area and refrain from using your phone in the shala.
  • Help keep the yoga practice area free of clutter by placing your bags, purse, keys, etc., on the hooks in the studio.
  • Check-in with the instructor. Inform the teacher about injuries or conditions that may affect your practice.
  • Do not come to class with a full stomach (you may experience cramps or nausea during practice). It’s best to eat lightly a few hours before.
  • DRINK WATER before and after class to ensure you are properly hydrated.
  • FOCUS ONLY ON YOURSELF. Practice with a loving attitude toward yourself and without straining.