About Us

Two Rivers is dedicated to teaching yoga
in the classical tradition

All students new to yoga are encouraged to start in a basics class. Here, students will receive individualized attention on proper body alignment and body awareness in order to obtain a strong foundation in the practice of yoga. Many different elements of yoga will be taught in each class, to include asanas (yoga postures), breath work, and relaxation techniques.

We teach to the whole student – working to address physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Over time the practice of yoga will make your body strong and balanced, help your mind become clear and focused, and strengthen your spiritual life.

All of us at Two Rivers Yoga have been profoundly impacted by the practice of yoga. It has brought us through times of darkness, helped us find balance amidst chaos, and taught us how to be present and joyful during each moment of our daily lives. We teach the practice of yoga because it is how we live, and we want to share it’s profound benefits with those around us. Join us to experience for yourself what yoga will do for you!

Our Teachers

Sara Dasso
Sara has been a life-long athlete; growing-up a competitive swimmer and playing Division I Lacrosse at the Collegiate level. As an officer in the United States Army she led by example and trained hundreds of soldiers to be in top physical condition. Now as a yoga instructor, Sara’s goal is to help people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities achieve their true potential through the practice of yoga.


Sara initially obtained her yoga certification in 2007 through the Yoga Institute of Houston, one of the country’s oldest established Yoga Studios. She has studied a variety of yoga disciplines but finds the classical system of Astanga Yoga to be the best path towards union of the mind, body and spirit. Sara continues to study as often as possible with Beryl Bender Birch, founder of the Hard & the Soft Yoga Institute.

Sara is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, MD, and holds a B.S. in Materials Science Research and Engineering. After years of moving around with the military, Sara and her husband are happily settled in New Braunfels with their two daughters. When not at the shala teaching or practicing, you can find her running and biking around town or swimming in the rivers preparing for the next triathlon.

Tatiana Bennett
Julia Ochsenreither
My Yoga journey began when I moved to Austin, 4 years ago. I am originally from Germany and have moved every 2-3 years. Austin is the 15th city I have lived in and it is on my yoga mat that I truly experienced the feeling of being grounded and connected to the earth below me. Beyond that, this practice has taught me lessons about patience, compassion, trust, self-love, the present moment, the power of breath, community, meditation and the human condition. Taking these lessons off the mat and seeing my world transform is the power of Yoga. After practicing various styles of Yoga for a couple of years, I decided to get my 200 Hr. Power Vinyasa teaching certification, wanting to share this practice with my community and make Yoga a large part of my life. I received my teaching certification through CorePower Yoga, on my birthday in the summer of 2014. I welcome all levels in my classes and hold a space of both comfort and growth. I look forward to guiding your practice!
Erin Forbes
Erin made her way into yoga by way of academia. As a history graduate from Texas State, she spent several semesters studying ancient India and many of its texts. Eventually, she made her way into yoga class and began an asana practice. The yoga lifestyle over took her completely and quickly. Erin has been practicing traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with Mike Matthews of The Ashtanga Yoga Center of Austin for three years. She enjoys employing various teaching techniques and working with a wide variety of students. In addition to history, Erin studied cultural geography and Spanish. She also enjoys spending time outside in the sunshine and water, reading a good book, experimenting in the kitchen, and wondering aimlessly around the globe.
Donna Griffin
“Seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. You see things not as they are, but as you are.” Eric Butterworth, Unity Minister


A transplant from the Eastern seaboard, Donna has been practicing yoga since 1968 and teaching for many years. She completed her 200 hour Kripalu Teacher Training at Discovery Yoga Center in St. Augustine, Florida and continues to study Ayurveda and Eastern philosophy. Having practiced several yoga traditions including Integral, Iyengar, Astanga and Anusara, Donna chose Kripalu Certification because the approach recognizes all traditions and supports the belief that an individual’s best teacher lies within. Kripalu Yoga is not a posture, a breathing exercise or meditation technique, but rather an exploration of how to be joyfully and peacefully present all day, every day. Instead of shaping ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, the practice enables us to discover who we already are and become transformed. The postures use the body as a tool to sustain physical, mental and spiritual balance, discovering the difference between being and doing. As a musician and student of philosophy, Donna will soothe you with song and guitar and share the wisdom of both ancient and contemporary thinkers. Donna’s yoga journey has supported her through many professions. A few include balladeer, rehabilitation therapist, charter yacht captain, and freight forwarder. She and her TDI Therapy Dog, Jack, volunteer for Hospice and various other civic and spiritual organizations. Active in community theater since 2004, Donna has played among other things, a hussy, a nun, a baroness, a teapot, a Ni Knight and a rabbit. Locally you may have seen her as Abby in the Circle Arts Theater production of Arsenic and Old Lace.

Janice McClure-Saltis
Janice is a KRI Certified Instructor and did her training at Yoga Yoga in Austin. She has been practicing and studying Yoga & Movement for the past 14 years. Since 2003 she has taken advanced courses which include LifeForce Yoga® for Depression & Anxiety, Chakra Therapy, Pranayama, Mudras for Transformation, and Mind & Meditation. She has also completed training in iRest® Level 1 Yoga Nidra, & JourneyDance™.

Janice is able to interact with her students in a professional and caring manner. She guides each one to accept what they are able to do now while moving forward at their own pace. Her goal is to empower her students through the practice of yoga & movement, help them find inner peace, and give them tools to use when they leave class. Janice teaches both group and private classes.

Terri Maroney
Terri began yoga 2008 to fill a void when her youngest son left home his senior year of high school to live with a host family and pursue his dreams of playing high-level ice hockey.

She realized as she committed more to her yoga practice, the flare ups from an autoimmune disorder lessened. She is grateful of not only the physical benefits, but the mental benefits as well.

She earned her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification from Southtown Yoga Loft of San Antonio.

Although she loves leading a class, she loves being a student just as much!! She enjoys sharing the passion that yoga is for everyone and instills the importance of breath and movement.

She teaches various styles including beginner, chair yoga, and vinyasa.

When not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her two English Bulldogs, the opportunity to practice yoga next to her daughter and any time spent on the beach!!

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath”

Rebekah Newton
Rebekah Satyavati Newton has been practicing/studying yoga & movement for 23 years. Living in Japan for 1 1/2 years and studying Shiatsu massage, Macrobiotics (foods that heal), and Holistic healing techniques allows her to blend different healing modalities. Her classes combine Breath, Yoga, Acupressure, Affirmations, & Meditation for whole body rejuvenation. She received her teaching certification and from the Ananda Institute in northern California, along with her Sanskrit name Satyavati which means “having truth”. Her passion is to give others a direct experience of reconnecting with to Spirit within. Join her for Whole Body Balancing!
Deanna Smith
Deanna discovered yoga after her physical therapist recommended yoga practice to help alleviate pain from herniated discs in the lower back. A vigorous yoga practice made a scheduled back surgery no longer necessary! After 2 years of practice Deanna became certified and has now been teaching for over 10 years. Deanna enjoys teaching a power vinyasa class along with prenatal and mommy and me yoga. When not practicing yoga, Deanna is spending time with her husband of 8 years and raising her active toddler (tiny yogi in training).
Lauri Wagner
Lauri walked into her first yoga class over 10 years ago and discovered the bliss of practicing yoga. She completed teacher training in 2006, followed by Anusara training at Austin’s Yoga Yoga. Exploring, experimenting and practicing led to her being able to appreciate the value of awarness. “On this path no effort is wasted, no gain is ever revisited; even a little of this practice will shelter you from the greatest sorrow.” Bhagavad Gita
Melissa Welch
Melissa has been a practicing yogini since 2007; for her it’s a way of life. What she learns on the mat, she integrates into her daily life. Since 2009, she has had the honor of teaching a fantastic group of kids through Two Rivers Yoga Kids Program. Creative, energetic and intuitive in her approach to working with children and the practice of yoga, she believes in providing creative outlets for children to learn more about themselves, their strengths, their challenges, their peers and surroundings. Melissa is trained in the Yoginos Yoga for Youth Program, and holds a 200-hour certification from Dharma Yoga in Austin. In her spare time, she’s swimming in the beautiful New Braunfels rivers or riding bikes with her 9-year-old daughter Edie. (As owner of a public relations and marketing firm, Loud & Clear Communications, Melissa also is the Two Rivers resident marketing/public relations guru- Thanks Melissa!)
Misty Lawrence
Misty was born and raised in New Braunfels, TX and looks forward to sharing yoga with the community as much as possible. She discovered yoga by chance at age 16 when a friend invited me to a local yoga teacher’s class hosted in her home, and fell in love!! Misty’s passion for yoga continued to grow tremendously and in 2010, she decided to deepen her practice by completing the 200-hr certification with YogaWorks San Francisco. She recently completed a second 200-hr certification with Southtown Yoga Loft in San Antonio. When not practicing yoga and teaching 4th grade for Comal ISD, Misty enjoys running, spending time outdoors with loved ones, and reading a good book!